VIAS is the SPNV brand of RATH Group. Since 2005, RATH Group has run business under this name against other competitors on the market and currently operates three route networks in Odenwald, in Rheingau, and Erft-Schwalm network. VIAS covers 4.9 million train-km in total per year.

This means that 225 employees work at VIAS and maintain the operation of the network according to high quality standards every day. The fleet of VIAS consists of 55 multiple units of LINT, ITINO and FLIRT product series. Further, we always ensure the maintenance of our trains at our workshops in Michelstadt and Frankfurt-Griesheim. 12 years. The service provided covers approximately 850,000 train-km annually between Düsseldorf, Neuss and Bedburg which is performed by LINT units by manufacturer Alstom.